Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'll try this again...

Ok, so I've been bad about posting.

That is all.

Friday, October 2, 2009

More crafts for Daddy

Allie's two new phrases: "I loooove crafts" and "Dont eat that", they kind of go hand in hand.

We have had a pretty busy week. We are trying to do activities/learning in the mornings so I can get work done in the afternoons, this seems to be working well for us since most of our play dates and dance class/gymnastics are scheduled for the mornings.

This past week little Brenna has been moving around like crazy. We had our 20 week ultrasound and everything looks good. she is cute as can be, with a little upturned nose like Allie. She seems so calm and sleepy :0 I got to see that all of her moving really was just her moving her feet and hands just a little bit. she must be strong!

Happy Friday!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting Organized!!

So my big project this weekend was to clean out Allison's closet. I'm sad that I totally for got to take before pictures. The girls will be sharing a room, and we are not buying another dresser, so it was important to really use the space that we have for important things (ya know instead of the tons of junk that tends to pile up). Please excuse my laziness while painting, I just never had the energy to actually paint inside the closet!

First up is Allison's side. I hang all fo her shirts and dresses. Since we are not using the changing table this time around, it works great as shelving. On top are their blankets and I put a basket to hold their sheets. I'm so happy I didn't have to go spend any money buying shelving!

Next is little Brenna's side. I bought this hanging shelving when I had Allison on clearance at Target and I have never really used it 100%. I'll give it another try. Right now its holding all of their pants, Brenna's shoes and hats, accessories, and bags. Most of her clothes are onesies and int he dresser so I didn't have to hang up a lot for her. and then of course, the torn up laundry basket. I think it might be time to buy a sturdier one.

Well, one project down, only twenty million more to go!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trying to get back into the blog routine

Well clearly, I suck at blogging. So I will give it another try. I guess I don't really have anything much to "blog" about except for my everyday routine, blah blah blah.

So whats new? Well let's see...

We have grass in the backyard.
We got a new fridge.
Summer has ended.
Allison started ballet and gymnastics.

Oh yeah...I'm almost 20 weeks preggo with another princess :)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can't complain :)

Well I didnt get to do much yard work today :( It was pretty chilly in the early afternoon, which was my only free time. Maybe this weekend I will finally get some things planted. Here's how its looking so far...yep, not a lot of progress in the backyard. also, try not to pay much attention to the hideous fence:

And just for my mother, here is the new dining set, which I'm still very excited about!

Allie had a good day too. Of course she didnt fall asleep for her nap until 5pm, but she was none the less a good girl. She always does something ridiculously adorable every day. I had put the Ian-ator in the travel crib to play while I did the dishes. I heard some rumbling around and went to check on him and this is what I found...

Yard work

Look at me, falling behind already!!

We've been busy busy busy! This weekend Marc and I got our new dining set, which is very exciting, I feel like the house is really coming together. Maybe today I will post some pictures of the house.

We also finally got rid of the swing set!!! It was such an eye sore in out backyard. I knew it wasn't cemented in but what I didnt realize was that the posts were only a couple inches in the ground! I can't believe I let my kid play on it! Here it is, just in case you were wondering:

I'm so happy its gone. I made the mistake of putting it on Craigslist for free...along with my phone number!! I started getting phone calls within a minute. I stopped answering my phone because I couldnt even understand the first person I talked to. His english sucked, but also the phone kept cutting out due to people calling like crazy. This guy came and took it away within the hour...maybe 2. So now the yard work begins. I have to shovel out the woddchips that were under the swing set (and how of course are spread all over the yard. then we get to try and grow grass in the millions of patches of dirt. We will be busy busy busy.

Allie and I went to the zoo yesterday. The weather was perfect (I got slightly burnt on my sholders). Although the zoo was slightly crowded, we had a really good time. I'm looking forward to many trips like the zoo this summer.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fantastic Friday

Oi! We just got back from a jog and wow! I'm out of shape when it comes to running! It was nice and energizing, and I feel great! I hope I can stay motivated enough to do this some more, because I have got to get in shape!

This morning we went with our playgroup to Monkey Bizness. Allison loves this place. Its is just a big building with tons of play structures and bounch houses and play houses. As I said, Allison loves it, especially the bounce house. I get annoyed there some times when the other kids get out of control, but it is what it is. I only have to pay for Allison too which is a bonus. I think I will try to go back there more often now that they are building ones closer to our house.

When we got home, I took some pictures of Allison in our front yard. I need to seriously do some yard work, and plant some flowers! Our little yard has so much potential :)

I would also like to express how excited I am for the weekend!!